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Bug#231591: RFP: savane -- a Web-based Free Software hosting system.

Tobias Toedter <t.toedter@gmx.net> tapota :

> Hello Mathieu,
> On Sunday 08 February 2004 14:13, Mathieu Roy wrote:
>> > And another question as well: Is GNA! offering GNU arch support as a
>> > versioning system?
>> No, however it is a task we would like to see achieved before the end
>> of the year.
> Hmm, I'm relatively new to arch, but I really liked its concept. As I 
> understand it, there doesn't have to be a server (like CVS) -- if you want to 
> have a remote arch repository, you would need sftp or WebDAV access on the 
> server for everyone who's allowed to commit to the repository. However, I 
> don't know how diffcult this is to set up.
> Sorry if I'm telling you things you already knew...
>> You are welcome to join us. I propose that you go at
>> http://gna.org/projects/savane, take a look at the code and stuff,
>> create an account and confirm that you are still interested.
> I already did that. I haven't had a very intensive look at the code, but a few 
> things spring to my mind:
> - Concerning the versioning, it's usually better to have a "normal" versioning
>   scheme like 1.0.0 or similar -- which is the version number of the just
>   released savane. However, in the debian subdirectory, you assigned a version
>   based on the release date. If you want to stick to that, it's adviseable to
>   prepend a "0." to the date -- this way, version "1.0.0" would always be
>   greater than "20030510" and other dates. If you don't follow this rule, you
>   would have to introduce "epochs" into the Debian versioning, and
> believe me,>   you don't want that.

I used the date for testing purpose, but now the 1.0.0 is released and
there's no longer any reason to use date. So I fully agree, let's go
for usual numbering.

> - Quite some of the documentation files (AUTHORS, README and so on) are not
>   included in the Debian package. I assume that your Debian directory is a
>   preliminary version, though.

You assume right :)

> - The descriptions in the "control" file should be brushed up. Moreover, the
>   short "Description:" line should not be continued in the long description.
> These are just a few nitpicks, I'll have a closer look during the next week (I 
> have a few days of vacation -- yay!). I'm going to try to install savane on 
> my computer and see what I get.
>> I'll add you on the project and will give you pointers.
> If you want to add me, my login is toddy


> . I'd be grateful for pointers.

Apart from saying that there ideally should be a package for the
fronted, one for the backend, and one handling database, there not
much to say right now, but I'll reply to any question you may have.

> Yet another thing: I noticed you don't have a German .po file, is someone 
> already working on this? I could start to translate (German is my mother 
> tongue), 

Not that I'm aware of.

> but since the file is really quite big, I would hate to see work
> doubled instead of synchronized.

I understand that, but unless I forgot something nobody ever proposed
to do the german translation. The only translation that is almost
complete is the French one. German translation would be a great

Mathieu Roy

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