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Bug#231591: RFP: savane -- a Web-based Free Software hosting system.

Tobias Toedter <t.toedter@gmx.net> tapota :

> Hi Mathieu,

Hello Tobias,

> I read your RFP for savane on -devel yesterday.
> I planned to register a project on savannah, but I noticed that they still 
> haven't managed to resume back to normal after the compromise, i.e. they 
> don't accept new projects.
> If I understand correctly, you're one of the savannah-hackers, so my question 
> arises: Are you (with your two fellows) planning to provide a French 
> replacement for savannah? Since GNA! started from scratch, you're able to 
> accept new projects right now, is this correct?


> Being sponsored by FSF France, is GNA! intended to mainly provide hosting 
> facilities for French developers, or is it open to everyone?

Gna! is open to everybody doing free software on earth.

> And another question as well: Is GNA! offering GNU arch support as a 
> versioning system?

No, however it is a task we would like to see achieved before the end
of the year.

> Regarding your question in the RFP, I'd be willing to join your team for the 
> packaging work, if there's still need. I have to admit that I don't know 
> (yet) the code of savannah and savane, so I have no idea of how complex that 
> might get, but still -- if you need some help, I'll be glad to join in.

You are welcome to join us. I propose that you go at
http://gna.org/projects/savane, take a look at the code and stuff,
create an account and confirm that you are still interested.

I'll add you on the project and will give you pointers.


Mathieu Roy

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