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[pkg-wine-party] [wine] 169/278: ntoskrnl.exe: Add KeWaitForMultipleObjects stub. [pkg-wine-party] [wine] 18/329: advapi32: Add LookupSecurityDescriptorPartsA/W stubs. [pkg-wine-party] [wine] 239/329: tools: Remove wineinstall. [pkg-wine-party] [wine] 271/278: dhcpcsvc: Add DhcpCApiInitialize and DhcpCApiCleanup stubs. [pkg-wine-party] [wine] 272/278: setupapi: Add SetupDiEnumDriverInfoA/W stubs. [pkg-wine-party] [wine] 48/67: ntoskrnl.exe: Forward RtlUnwindEx to ntdll. [pkg-wine-party] [wine] 51/278: ntoskrnl.exe: Add KeAcquireInStackQueuedSpinLock stub. [pkg-wine-party] [wine] 62/67: Merge tag 'wine-1.8.7' of git:// into upstream-stable [pkg-wine-party] [wine] 64/67: Merge branch 'upstream-stable' into stretch [pkg-wine-party] [wine] 65/67: Update changelog for 1.8.7 [pkg-wine-party] [wine] 66/67: Refresh patches. [pkg-wine-party] [wine] 67/67: Update changelog for 1.8.7-1 release [pkg-wine-party] Bug#858242: libwine: winemenubuilder creates .desktop files with invalid WINEPREFIX [pkg-wine-party] Move sonames2elf to dpkg-shlibdeps? (was: Move sonames2elf to debhelper?) [pkg-wine-party] Processing of wine-development_2.3-1_source.changes [pkg-wine-party] Processing of wine-development_2.4-1_source.changes [pkg-wine-party] Processing of wine_1.8.7-1_source.changes [pkg-wine-party] Wine release 2.3 [pkg-wine-party] Wine release 2.4 [pkg-wine-party] Wine release 2.5 [pkg-wine-party] wine-development_2.3-1_source.changes ACCEPTED into experimental [pkg-wine-party] wine-development_2.4-1_source.changes ACCEPTED into experimental [pkg-wine-party] wine_1.8.7-1_source.changes ACCEPTED into experimental The last update was on 00:55 GMT Tue Jun 11. There are 26 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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