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[pkg-wine-party] Bug#858242: libwine: winemenubuilder creates .desktop files with invalid WINEPREFIX


On 03/20/2017 11:20 AM, Sven Joachim wrote:
> wine: invalid directory "/home/sven/.wine" in WINEPREFIX: not an absolute path
> Apparently the program was trying to run winebrowser from one of my
> .desktop files under ~/.local/share/applications/, those look like this:

This was already mentioned in #845334 (wine32: breaks xdg-open, which
wants to start wine and crashes).  As a result of that report the
.desktop files aren't generated anymore for some standard mimetypes,
e.g. pdf.  So the mentioned file should be a relic from older times
(please verify its timestamp).  Unfortunately we can't simply remove
these existing files, because we can't know if they are still wanted by
the user.

I never saw this behavior here, but since it's now observed again I'd
really like to fix it (assuming it might also be triggered by the
.desktop files created by some Windows applications).

> Note that WINEPREFIX is in quotation marks here, due to the
> Debian-specific patch debian/patches/debsuffix/winemenubuilder.patch,
> and wine does not like this: it expects the first character to be a
> slash and not a quotation mark, see libs/wine/config.c.

Unfortunately I can't follow your analysis: we don't add any quotation
marks in that line, they are already there from upstream.  Instead we
just replace wine with wine-stable or wine-development there.


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