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[pkg-wine-party] Wine release 2.5

The Wine development release 2.5 is now available.

What's new in this release (see below for details):
  - Support for message-mode named pipes.
  - Translation of version resources through po files.
  - Transform feedback support in Direct3D.
  - Scheduler classes in C++ runtime.
  - Better scrolling in popup menus.
  - More improvements to the XML reader.
  - Various bug fixes.

The source is available from the following locations:


Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:


You will find documentation on http://www.winehq.org/documentation

You can also get the current source directly from the git
repository. Check http://www.winehq.org/git for details.

Wine is available thanks to the work of many people. See the file
AUTHORS in the distribution for the complete list.


Bugs fixed in 2.5 (total 30):

  17195  Multiple applications and games need support for named pipe message mode (NamedPipe datagrams need to be _really_ datagrams)
  23302  Not standard background color in Wine configuration
  32925  WinUAE 2.5.1 beta crashes on unimplemented function KERNEL32.dll.GetVolumeInformationByHandleW
  33899  Mouse moves screen in fullscreen.
  34676  Gas Guzzlers Combat Carnage Demo needs msvcp100.dll.?is_current_task_group_canceling@Concurrency@@YA_NXZ
  37402  WideCharToMultiByte is supposed to reject invalid flags
  37887  SteuerSparErklärung 2015: crashes when importing a receipt on unimplemented function msvcr120.dll.?_Trace_ppl_function@Concurrency@@YAXABU_GUID@@EW4ConcRT_EventType@1@@Z
  38526  QTravel, part of Qstarz PC Suite (Q2000) v3.x crashes on startup
  40328  Rayman 3 Crashes loading 2nd level.
  40465  The sting demo is mainly black
  40480  Skyrim crashes with "wined3d_texture_load Failed to load location (srgb 0)."
  40789  Rayman 3 Crashes on first lv.
  41213  Elder Scrolls Online requires more than 16 samplers in pixel shaders with D3D11 renderer
  41757  Natsuiro Asagao Residence (demo): fails to detect Japanese environment.
  42017  Silence d3d11_immediate_context_OMSetBlendState  spam at console
  42050  wine-mono 4.6.4 System.argumentException (APB Reloaded)
  42271  Final Fantasy X needs msvcr110.dll.__crtUnhandledException
  42621  Unimplemented function msvcr120.dll.?_Trace_ppl_function@Concurrency@@YAXAEBU_GUID@@EW4ConcRT_EventType@1@@Z
  42626  unimplemented function msvcr110.dll.__crtUnhandledException
  42629  Galactic Civilization 3 fails to run
  42656  ACDSee Pro 10 needs msvcp140.dll.?_Schedule_chore@details@Concurrency@@YAHPEAU_Threadpool_chore@12@@Z
  42657  ACDSee Pro 9 needs msvcr120.dll.?Alloc@Concurrency@@YAPEAX_K@Z
  42658  Playstation Now needs msvcr120.dll.?Alloc@Concurrency@@YAPAXI@Z
  42665  Mafia III launcher fails to start (needs uiautomationcore.dll.UiaLookupId)
  42670  Mafia III launcher fails to start (needs uiautomationcore.dll.UiaGetReservedMixedAttributeValue)
  42671  Mafia III launcher fails to start (needs uiautomationcore.dll.UiaGetReservedNotSupportedValue)
  42684  Steep (Ubisoft) needs iphlpapi.dll. GetUnicastIpAddressTable
  42688  Native Acces crashes on unimplemented msvcp140.dll.?__ExceptionPtrCompare@@YA_NPBX0@Z
  42700  Mafia III stops after launching (needs api-ms-win-core-quirks-l1-1-0.dll.QuirkIsEnabled3)
  42703  Excel 2010 does not work: unimplemented function oleaut32.dll.GetAltMonthNames


Changes since 2.4:

Akihiro Sagawa (7):
      regsvr32: Use neutral language for the version resource.
      explorer: Use neutral language for the version resource.
      winemac.drv: Use neutral language for the version resource.
      wrc: Add support for translating version info through po files.
      version/tests: Check the translation resource before testing.
      version: Add support for FILE_VER_GET_LOCALISED flag.
      kernel32: Add localized version resource.

Alex Henrie (5):
      ntdll: Don't report false memory statistics for other processes.
      ntdll: Implement ProcessVmCounters for Linux.
      kernel32: Simplify Linux implementation of GlobalMemoryStatusEx.
      winecfg: Paint text on About tab with the right background color.
      kernel32: Check for invalid flags in codepage conversion functions.

Alexandre Julliard (1):
      po: Regenerate the po files.

Alistair Leslie-Hughes (5):
      odbccp32: Implement SQLRemoveDriver/SQLRemoveDriverW.
      include/lmserver.h: Add missing SV_TYPE_* defines.
      oledb32/tests: Add convert to DBTYPE_NUMERIC tests.
      ole32: Add CoRegisterSurrogate/Ex stubs.
      dpnet: Share message handler between IDirectPlay8ThreadPool objects.

Andrey Gusev (12):
      uiautomationcore: Add UiaLookupId stub.
      uiautomationcore: Add UiaGetReservedMixedAttributeValue stub.
      uiautomationcore: Add UiaGetReservedNotSupportedValue stub.
      api-ms-win-security-systemfunctions-l1-1-0: Add dll.
      api-ms-win-core-winrt-roparameterizediid-l1-1-0: Add dll.
      api-ms-win-core-quirks-l1-1-0: Add dll.
      api-ms-win-core-threadpool-private-l1-1-0: Add dll.
      api-ms-win-security-grouppolicy-l1-1-0: Add dll.
      api-ms-win-core-registry-l2-1-0: Add dll.
      kernelbase: Add QuirkIsEnabled3 stub.
      api-ms-win-mm-misc-l1-1-1: Add dll.
      api-ms-win-mm-mme-l1-1-0: Add dll.

André Hentschel (1):
      iphlpapi: Implement GetUnicastIpAddressTable.

Aurimas Fišeras (1):
      po: Update Lithuanian translation.

Austin English (4):
      kernel32: Add GetVolumeInformationByHandleW stub.
      kernelbase: Sync spec file to Windows 10.
      advapi32: Sync spec file to Windows 10.
      d3d10: Sync spec file to Windows 10.

Bas Weelinck (1):
      start: Ignore multiple quoted arguments as title.

Can Taşan (3):
      po: Turkish translation update.
      wine.desktop: Add Turkish translation.
      kernel32: Add Unicode character for Turkish lira.

Daniel Lehman (6):
      msvcrt: Add _Trace_ppl_function stub.
      msvcrt: Implement Concurrency::event.
      msvcrt100/tests: Add tests for concurrency::event.
      msvcrt: Call unwind handlers on intermediate frames during virtual unwind.
      mshtml: Decrement refcount in nsWeakReference::Release (Valgrind).
      msxml3/tests: Free ready state BSTR (Valgrind).

François Gouget (5):
      wined3d: Fix a trailing new-line in an ERR() message.
      ddraw: Make ddraw_surface_release_iface() static.
      readme: Note that Wine may also use Mac APIs.
      readme: Adjust a couple of section separators.
      readme: Update and rewrap the French translation.

Gijs Vermeulen (3):
      msvcrt: Add stub for Concurrency::Alloc.
      msvcrt: Add stub for Concurrency::Free.
      msvcp100: Add stub for Concurrency::is_current_task_group_canceling.

Hans Leidekker (15):
      odbccp32/tests: RegGetValueA is not available on Windows XP.
      mpr/tests: Try other drive letters if J: is already assigned.
      winhttp: Fix a memory leak in insert_header (Valgrind).
      wbemprox: Also free data for tables that don't have a fill function (Valgrind).
      advpack: Don't trace the contents of an output buffer (Valgrind).
      advapi32/tests: Fix a memory leak (Valgrind).
      advapi32/tests: Initialize input parameters (Valgrind).
      msi: Avoid zero size allocations (Valgrind).
      webservices: No longer prefer native.
      webservices: Use a table in get_header_name.
      webservices: Move error support to a separate file.
      webservices: Move heap support to a separate file.
      webservices: Implement WS_CHANNEL_PROPERTY_CHANNEL_TYPE.
      webservices: Don't allocate an XML buffer until it is needed.
      webservices: Implement WsResetMessage.

Henri Verbeet (50):
      usp10/tests: Explicitly skip tests when required fonts are not available.
      usp10: Pass const metrics to GPOS_convert_design_units_to_device().
      usp10: Make the script cache parameter to GPOS_apply_MarkToBase() const.
      usp10: Make the script cache parameter to get_opentype_script() const.
      wined3d: Inline surface_blt_to_drawable() into ffp_blit_blit_surface().
      wined3d: Get rid of the (now) redundant "alpha_test" parameter to surface_blt_to_drawable().
      wined3d: Use blit_shader.blit_surface() in surface_blt_to_drawable().
      wined3d: Merge surface_blt_to_drawable() into surface_load_drawable().
      wined3d: Check for GL_FRONT before GL_BACK in wined3d_texture_get_gl_buffer().
      wordpad: Fall back to the default position if the saved position is off-screen.
      usp10: Avoid LPPOINT.
      usp10: Avoid LPWORD.
      usp10: Avoid LPBYTE.
      usp10: Avoid LPCWSTR.
      wined3d: Do not return GL_COLOR_ATTACHMENT0 for the back-buffer in wined3d_texture_get_gl_buffer().
      wined3d: Properly handle back-buffers in surface_translate_drawable_coords().
      wined3d: Properly handle back-buffers in context_get_rt_size().
      wined3d: Use draw_textured_quad() in swapchain_blit().
      wined3d: Pass the destination location to blit_shader.blit_surface().
      winex11: Use GLX_OML_sync_control to synchronise buffer swaps with X11DRV_FLUSH_GL_DRAWABLE requests.
      usp10: Avoid LPWSTR.
      usp10: Avoid LPCVOID.
      usp10: Avoid LPVOID.
      usp10: Introduce a helper function to lookup a script in the script cache.
      wined3d: Use blit_shader.blit_surface() in swapchain_blit().
      wined3d: Get rid of the redundant context_acquire() call in swapchain_blit().
      wined3d: Get rid of blit_shader.set_shader() and blit_shader.unset_shader().
      wined3d: Rename struct blit_shader to struct wined3d_blitter_ops.
      wined3d: Use WINED3D_BLT_SRC_CKEY to present the logo texture.
      usp10: Introduce a helper function to lookup a language in a LoadedScript structure.
      usp10: Double the scripts array size when growing it in GPOS_expand_script_cache().
      usp10: Double the languages array size when growing it in GPOS_expand_language_cache().
      usp10: Get rid of some code duplication in GPOS_expand_feature_cache().
      usp10: Get rid of the code duplication between GSUB_initialize_feature_cache() and GPOS_expand_feature_cache().
      wined3d: Create the logo texture with WINED3D_TEXTURE_CREATE_GET_DC.
      wined3d: Recreate the logo texture if needed in wined3d_device_reset().
      wined3d: Just print a message if loading the logo bitmap failed.
      wined3d: Introduce a separate function for doing colour fills in the CPU blitter.
      wined3d: Validate the rectangle in wined3d_device_clear_rendertarget_view().
      wined3d: Only drop WINED3D_MAP_DISCARD right before mapping the buffer object in wined3d_buffer_map().
      ddraw: Implement depth/colour fills on top of wined3d_device_clear_rendertarget_view().
      wined3d: Remove WINED3D_BLT_COLOR_FILL support from wined3d_texture_blit().
      wined3d: Remove WINED3D_BLT_DEPTH_FILL support from wined3d_texture_blit().
      wined3d: Pass a wined3d_rendertarget_view to surface_cpu_blt_colour_fill().
      wined3d: Get rid of the unused "priv" parameter to gen_p8_shader().
      wined3d: Get rid of the unused "priv" parameter to gen_yuv_shader().
      wined3d: Get rid of the unused "priv" argument to arbfp_gen_plain_shader().
      wined3d: Make the FBO blitter a proper blitter.
      wined3d: Use the blitter interface in swapchain_blit().

Hugh McMaster (14):
      comctl32/tests: Move the WineTest subkey in toolbar.c into HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Wine.
      regedit: Re-implement processRegLinesW().
      regedit/tests: Add missing ok() check after RegOpenKeyExA().
      regedit: Parse UTF-16 file header for validation.
      regedit: Re-implement processRegLinesA().
      regedit: Return success or failure from import functions.
      regedit: Accept various forms of "REGEDIT" with trailing characters.
      regedit/tests: Add mixed line concatenation and comment tests.
      reg/tests: Add mixed line concatenation and comment tests.
      regedit: Remove data types that cannot be imported and clean-up data_types array.
      regedit: Do not use REG_NONE as the default data type on import error.
      regedit: Do not select/highlight a listview item on refresh.
      regedit: Make "Unknown Type" translatable.
      regedit: Remove unused #define.

Huw D. M. Davies (19):
      kernel32/tests: Always retrieve the output mode.
      winedbg: Return after raising an exception.
      msi/tests: Clean up the registry in the correct order.
      user32: Explicitly set last error to ERROR_SUCCESS.
      user32: Rationalize the popup menu margin calculation.
      user32: Add a helper to retrieve the height of the scroll arrows.
      user32: Simplify GetMenuItemRect().
      user32: Add an items rect to the header and use it to fix scrolling down.
      user32: Store the item rects as relative to the items_rect.
      user32: Clip painting to the items_rect.
      user32: Don't fill the background when drawing the scroll arrows.
      user32: Scale the scroll arrows with the menu's font size.
      user32: Don't finish tracking when the menu borders or scroll arrows are clicked.
      user32: Disable scrolling for multi-column menus.
      user32: Limit the menu height to that of the work area.
      user32: Remove the height parameter from MENU_DrawMenuItem().
      user32: Pass a POPUPMENU ptr to MENU_DrawMenuItem().
      user32: Simplify the use of rectangles.
      user32: Don't bother drawing an item if it's outside the items_rect.

Jacek Caban (46):
      xmllite: Return WC_E_SYNTAX if there is unexpected data in the end of the stream.
      xmllite: Fixed buffer handling in reader_parse_reference.
      server: Store connected pipe_end in pipe_end struct.
      server: Store buffer size in pipe_end.
      server: Introduce server-side I/O mode for named pipes.
      server: Use no_fd_queue_async for named pipe ends in server I/O mode.
      xmllite: Fixed ReadValueChunk implementation.
      xmllite: Replace crln in input buffer with nl.
      xmllite: Return empty value for end element and none nodes.
      xmllite/tests: Added more value tests.
      server: Introduce pipe message queue.
      server: Implement disconnecting message queue.
      server Introduce write queue for server-side named pipe I/O.
      server: Implement server-side named pipe write.
      server: Added server-side FSCTL_PIPE_PEEK implementation.
      server Introduce read queue for server-side named pipe I/O.
      server: Implement server-side named pipe read.
      server: Don't release client fd in do_disconnect for pipes in server-side I/O mode.
      server: Use server-side I/O for message mode named pipes.
      kernel32/tests: Added more named pipe tests.
      server: Added support for message mode named pipe reads.
      server: Added support for flushing client pipe.
      kernel32/tests: Added tests of pipe write cancelled on process termintation.
      ntdll/tests: Moved pipe read tests to pipe.c.
      xmllite/tests: Added set_input_string helper.
      xmllite: Don't fail in readerinput_detectencoding if input buffer has 3 bytes.
      ntdll/tests: Run read tests in all modes and directions.
      ntdll/tests: Added tests of partial reads and reads with invalid wait handle.
      xmllite/tests: Added read_node helper.
      xmllite/tests: Added next_attribute helper.
      xmllite/tests: Added reader_value helper.
      xmllite/tests: Added reader_name helper.
      xmllite/tests: Added reader_prefix helper.
      xmllite/tests: Added reader_namespace helper.
      xmllite/tests: Added reader_qname helper.
      xmllite/tests: Added read_value_char helper.
      xmllite: Clear all parser values in SetInput.
      xmllite/tests: Added tests for returned string pointers.
      kernel32: Use default buffer size in CreatePipe if 0 was passed.
      usp10: Check if corresponding headers are present before accessing their feature lists in _initialize_feature_cache.
      xmllite: Don't use StringValue_LocalName for element nodes.
      xmllite/tests: Added move_to_element helper.
      xmllite: Store allocated copy of local name in attribute struct and use that instead of StringValue_LocalName.
      xmllite: Allow reading from allocated strings in ReadValueChunk.
      xmllite: Allocate value in reader_add_attr.
      xmllite: Return local name stored in namespace for prefixed namespace attribute values.

Jactry Zeng (2):
      devenum: Use RegQueryValueExW instead of RegQueryValueW.
      devenum: Implement IMoniker::IsEqual().

Józef Kucia (50):
      wined3d: Make wined3d samplers usable when ARB_sampler_objects is not available.
      wined3d: Create wined3d sampler for default sampler.
      wined3d: Create wined3d sampler for NULL sampler.
      wined3d: Introduce wined3d_sampler_bind() helper function.
      wined3d: Use wined3d samplers unconditionally for applying legacy sampler states.
      wined3d: Make wined3d samplers responsible for setting texture base level.
      wined3d: Abort state application when there is problem with newly created sampler object.
      wined3d: Remove irrelevant comment.
      d3d11: Avoid spurious FIXME messages about unhandled DXBC chunks.
      d3d11: Make extracting input signature more robust.
      d3d11: Avoid magic number in d3d10_device_SOSetTargets().
      wined3d: Do not generate FFP fragment shader when SM4 vertex shader is active.
      d3d11: Downgrade unknown DWORD FIXMEs() to WARN() messages.
      wined3d: Load core GL transform feedback functions.
      wined3d: Handle stream output buffer bind flag.
      wined3d: Generate geometry shader outputs when NULL pixel shader is used.
      wined3d: Introduce wined3d_stream_output_desc.
      d3d11: Factor out shader_find_signature_element() function.
      d3d11: Implement d3d11_device_CreateGeometryShaderWithStreamOutput().
      d3d11: Use ARRAY_SIZE() macro.
      wined3d: Do not compute color/NP2 fixup PS compile arguments for SM4+.
      wined3d: Allow creating shader resource views for cube map and rectangle textures.
      d3d10core/tests: Introduce get_resource_data() helper function.
      d3d11/tests: Introduce get_resource_data() helper function.
      d3d11: Try to avoid spurious blend state FIXMEs().
      d3d11: Correctly handle multiple stream output elements for single output register.
      d3d11: Validate stream output description.
      wined3d: Add ARB_transform_feedback2 extension.
      wined3d: Add ARB_transform_feedback3 extension.
      wined3d: Specify geometry shader outputs to record in stream output buffers.
      d3d11: Validate stream output buffer strides.
      wined3d: Consider buffer strides when generating transform feedback varyings.
      wined3d: Exit early in shader_glsl_init_transform_feedback() if stream output is disabled.
      wined3d: Acquire stream output buffers for draw calls.
      wined3d: Bind transform feedback buffers.
      d3d11: Replace another magic number with D3D10_SO_BUFFER_SLOT_COUNT.
      d3d11/tests: Use ARRAY_SIZE() macro.
      d3d11/tests: Add test for resuming stream output.
      d3d11: Validate stream output descriptions for feature level < 11_0.
      d3d11/tests: Add test for stream output descriptions.
      d3d11/tests: Add test for feature level 10 stream output descriptions.
      wined3d: Enable transform feedback if geometry shader with stream output is active.
      wined3d: Add support for rasterizer discard.
      wined3d: Pause transform feedback between draw calls.
      wined3d: Resume transform feedback after geometry shader switch.
      wined3d: Support simple stream output descriptions when ARB_TRANSFORM_FEEDBACK3 is not available.
      d3d11: Implement d3d10_device_CreateGeometryShaderWithStreamOutput().
      wined3d: Fix transform feedback primitive mode.
      d3d10core/tests: Add test for resuming stream output.
      d3d10core/tests: Use ARRAY_SIZE() macro.

Marcus Meissner (1):
      kernel32/tests: Fixed incorrect buffer sizes.

Matteo Bruni (4):
      d3dx9: Override d3dx9_get_param_value_ptr() return value only on array overflow.
      d3d10core/tests: Add a geometry shader test.
      d3d11/tests: Add a geometry shader test.
      wined3d: Get rid of the point sprite coordinate origin warning.

Michael Stefaniuc (1):
      include: Use offsetof() instead of open coding it.

Nikolay Sivov (16):
      xmllite/tests: Added missing return value check (Coverity).
      dwrite/tests: Initial test for HasKerningPairs().
      scrrun/tests: Skip some tests if drive is not ready.
      comctl32/taskdialog: Initial implementation of a minimal task dialog.
      dwrite: Handle allocation failure for main run bitmap.
      readme: Update Russian translation.
      msxml3: Support IPersistStream* as IXSLProcessor output.
      include: Fix IRequestDictionary and IResponse definition.
      oleaut32: Implement GetAltMonthNames().
      msxml3/tests: Added a test for IResponse processor output.
      msxml3: Added support for setting IResponse as xsl processor output.
      comctl32/tests: Fully initialize message tests data.
      dwrite: Simplify requested texture type validation in IDWriteGlyphRunAnalysis.
      dwrite: Allocate glyph buffer once per run rendering pass.
      dwrite/tests: Test glyph count for each DrawGlyphRun().
      dwrite: Fix off by one error in glyph count adjustment.

Paul Gofman (4):
      d3dx9: Don't apply unmodified states in CommitChanges().
      d3dx9/tests: Factor out vertex shader constants check helper function from test_effect_preshader().
      d3dx9/tests: Add test for CommitChanges().
      d3dx9: Fix a warning output in preshader.

Piotr Caban (43):
      msvcrt: Optimize Concurrency::event implementation.
      concrt140: Add missing i386 spec file entries.
      msvcp140: Add {_Schedule,_Reschedule,_Release}_chore implementation.
      user32: Don't call IsChild with NULL window in EnableWindow.
      msvcrt: Add Context class static functions stubs.
      msvcrt: Add ExternalContextBase class stub.
      msvcrt: Add ExternalContextBase::GetId implementation.
      msvcrt/tests: Add Context::Id tests.
      msvcrt: Add scheduler_resource_allocation_error class implementation.
      msvcrt: Move bad_alloc vtable definition into __asm_dummy_vtables function.
      msvcrt: Throw throw_scheduler_resource_allocation_error on Context tls index allocation error.
      msvcp100: Improve is_current_task_group_canceling function stub.
      msvcrt: Add __ExceptionPtrCompare implementation.
      msvcrt: Implement caching in Concurrency::Alloc.
      msvcrt: Add improper_lock class implementation.
      msvcrt: Add SchedulerPolicy class stub.
      msvcrt: Add helper for exception throwing.
      msvcrt: Add invalid_scheduler_policy_key class implementation.
      msvcrt: Add invalid_scheduler_policy_value class implementation.
      msvcrt: Add invalid_scheduler_policy_thread_specification class implementation.
      msvcrt: Add SchedulerPolicy class implementation.
      msvcrt: Throw improper_lock exception in critical_section::lock and try_lock_for.
      msvcrt: Add Scheduler class stub.
      msvcrt: Add Scheduler::Create implementation.
      msvcrt: Add ThreadScheduler::GetPolicy implementation.
      msvcrt: Add ThreadScheduler::Id implementation.
      msvcrt: Add ThreadScheduler::GetNumberOfVirtualProcessors implementation.
      msvcrt: Add ThreadScheduler::Release implementation.
      msvcrt: Add ThreadScheduler::RegisterShutdownEvent implementation.
      msvcrt: Add improper_scheduler_attach class implementation.
      msvcrt: Add ThreadScheduler::Attach implementation.
      msvcrt: Add CurrentScheduler class stub.
      msvcrt: Add CurrentScheduler::Create implementation.
      msvcrt: Add Scheduler::SetDefaultSchedulerPolicy implementation.
      msvcrt: Add CurrentScheduler::Get implementation.
      msvcrt: Add improper_scheduler_detach class implementation.
      msvcrt: Attach context to default scheduler on creation.
      msvcrt: Add CurrentScheduler::Detach implementation.
      msvcrt: Add CurrentScheduler::Id implementation.
      msvcr100: Fix ThreadScheduler virtual table.
      msvcrt/tests: Add initial Scheduler tests.
      msvcrt: Fix handling of unsigned chars in scanf format.
      msvcr120: Add fesetround implementation.

Viktor Semykin (1):
      shlwapi: Add SHCreateMemStream shlwapi.h.

Vitaly Lipatov (2):
      include: Add PERF_DATA_BLOCK struct definition.
      advapi32/tests: Add test prototype for RegQueryValueEx HKEY_PERFORMANCE_DATA.

Zebediah Figura (3):
      user32/tests: Add tests for EnableWindow().
      user32: Don't call ReleaseCapture() in EnableWindow().
      user32: Always send WM_CANCELMODE when disabling a window.

Zhenbo Li (1):
      quartz: Remove an unnecessary if.

Alexandre Julliard

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