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Re: Planning: General Timelime

Brian White wrote:
- File Upgrades.  Upgrading the CygWin DLL is difficult.  It cannot be
  done while any CygWin executable is running.  In fact, any file currently
  open cannot be upgrade.  This means that all daemons must be totally
  stopped during the procedure, but it also makes it difficult to upgrade
  the upgrader.  How do we deal with that?  Perhaps an external, self-
  contained program that reads a list of files that must be moved and
  does it at the first opportunity, trying every few seconds until there
  are no more files to process?

There are windows APIs for taking care of this, it will slot in any new
files while the machine booting

It would be nice if we could avoid a reboot every time a user upgraded
a package.  Such might be necessary for the main DLL itself, though.

IIRC, the Cygwin Setup application does this sort of thing. It doesn't require reboot, but warns that updates don't take effect until reboot.


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