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Re: Planning: General Timelime

> >  - File Upgrades.  Upgrading the CygWin DLL is difficult.  It cannot be
> >    done while any CygWin executable is running.  In fact, any file currently
> >    open cannot be upgrade.  This means that all daemons must be totally
> >    stopped during the procedure, but it also makes it difficult to upgrade
> >    the upgrader.  How do we deal with that?  Perhaps an external, self-
> >    contained program that reads a list of files that must be moved and
> >    does it at the first opportunity, trying every few seconds until there
> >    are no more files to process?
> There are windows APIs for taking care of this, it will slot in any new
> files while the machine booting

It would be nice if we could avoid a reboot every time a user upgraded
a package.  Such might be necessary for the main DLL itself, though.

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