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Re: Usage of dpkg under cygwin

> > I looked into it, and tar actually supports --owner <uid> and
> > --group <gid>. They're just not documented on the man page. And
> > permissions are not a problem, you are always allowed to set any
> > permissions you like without being root. The only problem is special
> > nodes, but that is probably a rare enough problem to allow for using
> > silly hacks. ;-)
> > 
> Great! 
> By special nodes, you mean symlinks?
> So for cygwin, this should be solution?
> mike

No, symlinks are fine. I was referring to device nodes. But in cygwin's
case, they're not interesting anyway, so.. yeah. Rebuild the scripts to
use tar's --owner and --group switches, and you can get rid of fakeroot.


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