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Re: linux migration

Hi Jonas,

On Mon, 2002-07-15 at 08:26, jonas.weismuller@fmc-asia.com wrote:
> Our company is considering to migrate some Desktop PC¡¯s to Linux. To
> rephrase: I have to prove how far the development of Linux is feasible in
> our company!
> I have a checklist about the programs which are used in our company. Most
> of the vendors of these programs don¡¯t support Linux solutions/Clients
> (hopefully it will change as soon as possible). Therefore I am looking for
> alternatives by taking into account the compatibility to our existing
> programs, because we will not migrate all PC¡¯s.
> [...]

> Irfan View
> ----------
> Linux version: No
> Alternatives:
> Comments:

gtksee, ImageMagick both will do it


> And last but not least one question:
> If we come to the conclusion to migrate to Linux which Operating system
> would you choose for a Desktop solution and WHY !?!?

If you don't want to fiddle around a lot with packages (dependencies)
and prefer a system called 'stable' which IS in real stable and prefer
to have a distributor telling ALL bugs found and provides bugfixes,
which can be installed/patched without changing the whole distribution,
you should choose debian.


	-- hgb

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