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Re: Helping with the port?

Hi guys, just signed up. I'm not much of a coder (yet), but I know both
Windows & Linux fairly well. Hope I'll be able to help with the project.

On Thu, Jan 24, 2002 at 11:36:04PM +1100, Robert Collins wrote:
> IIRC, : can be stored in NTFS native names,using the POSIX_SEMANTICS
> flag,

It can, however can a Cygwin shell access filenames using the POSIX
namespace? I certainly can't create files containing ':' using bash.
I wouldn't want a system containing files that I couldn't access from a
shell -- would you?

(I think it's Cygwin that's got it wrong here -- I see no need for
retaining compatibility with the win32 "driveletter:" syntax)

> or the NT Native API, but that doesn't help for win9x.

(Or FAT partitions in 2K/XP)

> One
> possibility is escaping the : in some form, consistently, and then
> unescaping it in libc.

Not pretty, and would cause unexpected results if the user tried to
access the files from a non-Cygwin app. Not that I have a better

Is there a compelling reason why these legacy systems should be a target
for the port? To my mind win9x is a dying platform with many technical
limitations; likewise FAT. Supporting them would be nice, but I'd class
that as an additional goal once the system is up and running well on NT
with NTFS. Perhaps that's just me?

John Ineson
`AOL is the largest ISP in the world. AOL has the most subscribers in the
 world. AOL owns Netscape. AOL bundles IE with it's software ... huh?' 
                       (AOL Time Warner Files Anti-Trust Suit against MS)

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