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Re: Helping with the port?

On Thu, 2002-01-24 at 03:57, Junichi Uekawa wrote:
> Jeff Bailey <jbailey@nisa.net> cum veritate scripsit:
> > Is there a task list somewhere that shows things you'd like done?  I
> > might be able to tackle a couple of them.
> Good. there is no clear task list, AFAIK. I think the status is:
> o Problem: Windows files (e.g. DLL) cannot be replaced while in use

Yes. I've coded a bare bones solution into the cygwin setup, which can
be generalised to dpkg, but as it requires a reboot, some care must be
taken for system consistency. (i.e. don't run scripts that may need a
newer version of whatever couldn't be replaced..) A better solution is
run-time program closing and restarting, but that is not implemented in
the opensource world yet (AFAIK).

> o Problem: Windows doesn't like filenames with ":" ?

IIRC, : can be stored in NTFS native names,using the POSIX_SEMANTICS
flag, or the NT Native API, but that doesn't help for win9x. One
possibility is escaping the : in some form, consistently, and then
unescaping it in libc.


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