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Re: get the project officially started

Josef Dalcolmo <dalcolmo@vh-s.de> writes:

> was told that RMS himself said something like: "don't improve a
> proprietary OS with Free Software, because people will associate the
> good tools with the OS instead of the Free Software movement".

Well, the official RMS maintained Emacs distribution works on DOS,
MS-Windows, MacOS X, and almost all non-free Unixen out there.  In
some ways, the DOS version is even superior to the Unix versions.

Usually he encourage people to work on free software for free systems
rather than free software for non-free systems, but if people
nonetheless choose to port GNU software to non-free systems, and the
ports are resonable clean (i.e. isn't likely to be a big maintenance
burden), he also encourage GNU maintainers to include the port.

In any case, his address is rms@gnu.org.  If anyone feel they need to
know RMS position on a port of Debian to Cygwin, they should ask.  He
is generally very responsive.

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