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Re: get the project officially started


A month ago or so, I expressed the idea of porting Linux (I thought of the 
kernel) to Win32 on the FSFE (Free Software Foundation Europe) mailing list, 
because I thought that that would broaden the acceptance of Free Software and 
therefore further the cause of Free Software.

The reaction showed me however, that most people at least on the FSFE mailing 
list oppose the idea of porting Free Software to a proprietary OS, and I also 
was told that RMS himself said something like: "don't improve a proprietary OS 
with Free Software, because people will associate the good tools with the OS 
instead of the Free Software movement".

So, RMS's position is not only a formal one (against the name Win32), but a 
more fundamental one. He seems to fear that such ports would ultimately harm 
the Free Software movement, because it would make working on the proprietary 
OS more pleasurable. So, it is not so much a legal issue, but a philosophical 
and political one.

I for myself am still undecided, and don't know if he is right (he was right 
about a lot of stuff in the Free Software field). Perhaps porting Debian to a 
proprietary OS will make more people acquainted with Free Software and 
ultimately help them to make the move to Free Software, but perhaps it will 
strengthen the position of the proprietary OS.

I just thought I mention this here, since the concerns I heard so far seemed 
to be rather legal/practical. I sincerely hope not to start a flame war with 

- Josef

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