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Re: name for the port

On Wed, 5 Dec 2001, Robert Millan wrote:

> cygwin* cannot be used because it's a trademark
> win* appears ugly to some persons (don't know why)
> win32* is also a trademark?
> w32* appears ugly to other persons
> etc
> I agree with the *-i386 extension, but if we, say, take:
> w32-i386
> what will the 64bit release be like, win64-ia64!?
> IMHO, the best possible options would be:
> w32 --> w64
> win-i386 --> win-ia64
> cyg-i386 --> cyg-ia64
> If the name discussion needs to be repeated, please don't do it on
> debian-devel. I'm pretty sure than half of the arguments on the
> first one were just deliverate attempts to delay it..
Couldn't we avoid all stupid name things by naming the port

      debian-<the Latin word for window>

(Sorry I do not know Latin.  In German I would say debian-fenster in
 Russian debian-okno :). )

This might not be trademarked and people who want to know will know
what it means.  Just a crazy idea because I really hate name debates.

Kind regards


PS: I just want to say thanks to all your efforts on this topic to give
    at least morally support!

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