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Re: get the project officially started

I personally don't have much desire nor time to play advocacy
games.  If I had wanted to do that, I would have been a lawyer.

On the other hand, I do have an issue that I would like to see 
resolved fairly quickly.  It seems to me that the w32 designation
is a bit broad or limited, depending on which side of the handle
you are looking at it from.  I also think that ix86 is in the same
problem.  We have how many OSs that run on Intel's hardware?
I see that someone want's to start a ix86/solaris port.  
And, to me, there is a pretty large difference between a cygwin
port of debian packages, and a native Wintel port, both of which
could qualify for w32.  I'm thinking that I may have to repackage
dpkg, (and eventually apt), and use a cyg nomenclature, instead
of w32.  But, that presents problems, if someone ports cygwin to
someother architecture, say NT on Risc, or somesuch animal.

Basically, we need more granularity in our package naming conventions,
it seems to me.

On Thu, 6 Dec 2001 01:17:18 +0900, Junichi Uekawa wrote:

>In Wed, 5 Dec 2001 14:01:04 +0100 Robert cum veritate scripsit :
>> Hello,
>> Looks like our project is not going to be taken seriously in
>> debian-devel
>> untill
>> we manage to convince some stubborn debian developers who are currently
>> flaming every post we make to the list.
>> Without it, we won't get the project officially started in debian, we
>> won't
>> have a
>> centralised place to put packages so we can't do anymore than creating
>> the
>> base system and distributing it unofficially, which is what Mark Paulus
>> is
>> doing.
>No, it's the other way around.
>We can start everything before starting an official port.
>We need some kind of base system working, before 
>having an official port.
>We need to prove that this system actually works.
>Please concentrate on discussing the necessary matters on
>debian-win32 list, and stop trying to play with
>people in -devel.
>People in -devel are experts in flaming each other,
>especially when there is nothing to see yet.
># the most important thing would be to get cygwin 
># run on wine, presumably by fixing the handling of
># console code by wine 
>	junichi
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