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Re: Bug#886450: tracker.debian.org: Separate subscription for official and non-official architectures builds


On Sun, 14 Jan 2018, Philipp Kern wrote:
> > Will you do it soon or is there a place where we should record this
> > wishlist?
> I don't mind just doing it. I just looked at the current code and it
> already sets this:
>     msg['X-Distro-Tracker-Package'] = buildlog.package
>     msg['X-Distro-Tracker-Keyword'] = 'build'
> Since 2015. And for some reason I didn't spot that when I replied
> originally. Given that, what about adding
> X-Distro-Tracker-Build-{Architecture,State,Suite}? And do you still need
> the X-Debian in this case?

Well, this was done that way so that you can mail to
dispatch@tracker.debian.org instead of
dispatch+<package>_build@tracker.debian.org but the approach I have been
following lately is rather to teach tracker.debian.org how to recognize
the different emails and I would much prefer if this was done based
on headers that are not distro-tracker specific.

The standard that is building slowly (following DAK's lead) is this one:

 X-Debian: <service-name>
 X-Debian-Package: <source-package-name>

Hence my suggestion (to which I must add X-Debian-Package now):

 X-Debian: buildd.debian.org
 X-Debian-Package: firefox
 X-Debian-Architecture: powerpc
 X-Debian-Suite: sid
 X-Debian-State: failed

I have just taught tracker.debian.org to recognize the above so you can
immediately drop the setting of "X-Distro-Tracker*" provided that you set
X-Debian to buildd.debian.org and X-Debian-Package to the source package name.


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