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Re: Bug#886450: tracker.debian.org: Separate subscription for official and non-official architectures builds


On Mon, 08 Jan 2018, Philipp Kern wrote:
> > I'm putting debian-wb-team@lists.debian.org in copy to hear their thoughts
> > about this. Do you think it's possible to add headers like:
> > 
> >     X-Debian: buildd.debian.org
> >     X-Debian-Architecture: powerpc
> >     X-Debian-Suite: sid
> >     X-Debian-State: failed
> this is trivial. We can lift anything that's in the body of the email to
> the headers.

Great, that will solve the short term problem of Mike and will also enable
the package tracker to better filter emails if we want to follow up on his

Will you do it soon or is there a place where we should record this

> > Maybe the behaviour of the mail notification could also be rate-limited to
> > one per day per version per arch...
> That's harder because this would require a different mode of execution.
> Although I wonder if there would be some way to attack this on the
> buildd side. The retries are obviously way too often: The only reason
> the spam isn't even more frequently sent is that the buildds back off
> themselves if a build failed on them by keeping a list locally. So it's
> a function of how many buildds exist for an arch.

Another approach might be to not send any mail if the former try was already a
failure. That way you get a single mail per new failure.

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