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blacklisting util-linux on ARM Ltd hosted buildds


The util-linux test-suite detects (intermittent) problems when running
on buildds hosted at ARM Ltd. The issue has been investigated and
also discussed with responsible people via #debian-arm. Unfortunately
no solution in sight (as it seems the responsible people lost interest
in investigating what's happening at their end).

I'm thus asking you to please blacklist all ARM Ltd hosted buildds
(for all (arm*) architectures) for building the util-linux package.

Once that's done please consider closing #872635 which contains some
additional info about this problem about the issue.

Right now I'm relying on give-backs and praying it doesn't end up
on ARM Ltd hosted or the doesn't trigger this build. It's annoying
and time-wasting. Unfortunately I don't have enough spare time or
motivation to continue enduring this.

Andreas Henriksson

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