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Re: checking buildd logs

* Peter Palfrader <weasel@debian.org> [120604 20:27]:
> > I presume it would mean exporting the qa role account to grieg, granting brlink
> > access to it, getting someone to add appropriate SSH public keys to quantz,
> > rsync over the database and do the HTML generation on quantz. Does that sound
> > sane?
> We could copy data around, that's certainly one option.  Another is to
> make a buildd.qa.debian.org vhost on grieg.  That might make things
> simpler.

Hosting the results on quantz makes it easier to keep the layout in sync
and it is a bit more logic to have *.qa.d.o on one host. Also some
summary of the results is needed for packages.qa.d.o anyway.

Generating the results on grieg means less data to copy and less efford
to keep scanning and report generating in sync.

I personally would slightly prefer the solution on grieg.

For the "host results on quantz" solution, I've prepared everything that
should be needed to move the report generating and hosting to quantz
(for the time being getting the raw results still from

For the "new vhost on grieg" solution all that would be needed would
be the vhost added (plain http is enough) and export via it some
static-html directory from my home directory until there is a way to
move that to some role account in some way. (wb-team suggest qa umbrella
which sounds logical to me, but qa has not yet any policies for that
except the svn-based workflow on quantz as far as I do understand it).

        Bernhard R. Link

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