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Re: checking buildd logs

* Philipp Kern <pkern@debian.org> [120602 22:35]:
> Is there any progress on this?

It's moving slower than expected, especially as I had the final
examinations of my studies.

The web generation side got some revamp and except some research
if there is a way to jump to line numbers in logs directly and
giving some more helpfull status information should be almost complete.

For the scanning side itself I recently added Simon Ruderich's blhc
(I'd have prefered to have kept it all into one scanner, but I guess
one cannot be perfect in good results, generism and speed at the same
time), so I guess the regexp searching scanner can finally be rewritten
from the current prototype code to something final (the only thing I
wanted to experiment before is to get buildd specific directory names
filtered out of tag data).

> This should either be moved into
> buildd.debian.org or qa.debian.org.  I'd personally prefer the latter,
> but I'd understand that rsync'ing either the result or the logs might be
> painful.  At least the latter would create more I/O load than the
> existing setup.

The data gathering part and the html generation are now totally
seperated. The first updates a sqlite database file with results
and the later used that files. So the total I/O for having those
two parts on different machines would be transfering a file
compressed around 7 MB (uncompressed around 30 MB) per update
(and some way to know when new results are available).

> I wouldn't mind if the qa role account is exported to
> grieg.

It would be nice if the data aquisition part would run in some role
account once it is finished. Some qa role account sounds like the
ideal choice. (Though I currently do not have access to that one
as far as I know).

> I won't mind a time-limited (apache-based) redirect of
> /~brlink/packages to a new page, though.

Given how everything is marked preliminary, I do not think there needs
to be much tought into a too smooth transition. Changing the links in
the pts before removing it would be more than enough in my eyes.

        Bernhard R. Link

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