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Re: Fwd: [Pkg-haskell-maintainers] Bug#570882: Bug#570882: haskell-hint: FTBFS in various ways

Joachim Breitner <nomeata@debian.org> (27/02/2010):
> exactly. The package names like libghc6-ghc-prof-6.12.1-df3ea
> represent a cabal package with a certain ABI hash (in this case
> starting with df3ea). If these don’t match, the packages are broken,
> therefore we encoded it in Provides/Depends.

OK. Was just trying to make sure there were no additional issues you
weren't aware of.

> A recent upload of ghc6 seems to have changed the ABI hash of the
> "ghc" package (which is rather internal and only used by
> compiler-close stuff). Therefore, libghc6-ghc-mtl-prof is
> uninstallable. A nmu of haskell-ghc-mtl will create a package which
> depends on the changed ABI, have an uploaded Provides and thus clear
> the BD-Uninstallable issue.

Thanks for the details. Scheduled.

(My very first binNMU, w00t.)


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