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build-priorities usage changed -> use large values


I just multiplied all build-priorities with 100. Reason behind that is
that there is an patch that will add different priorities. So please
replace any usage of "1" with "100" etc. (Of course, you could use
more fine-granular dependencies as well - feel free to do that. But
don't be surprised if they start to have an different effect on the
sort order than you used to be.)

Re the patch:
There are two new fields in --info. Also there are two new sort
options, C and W. C sorts by the new algorithm, W by waiting time.

Sorting default is (unchanged) PScpsn, which means build-priority,
(>= standard?), already built in the past, priority, section, name
(and the first non-equal criterion is used to sort).

The values for C are a sum of
priority: required: 50, important: 40, standard: 30, optional: 5
section: libs: 4, devel: 2
component: contrib: -10, non-free: -20
notes: uncompiled: 20, out-of-date: 40, partial: 40
("partial" as this was the case up to now - don't think we still use

Also, up to 6 full waiting days increase the sum by 2 for each waiting

To that value any permanent and current build priority is added (both
if both exist).

The packages are then sort by numbers.

(To see the order I would propose add -OCWn to list=needs-build, which
means calculated order, waiting days, name.)

Comments? (Please avoid having -release in your follow up.)


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