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Re: Fwd: [Pkg-haskell-maintainers] Bug#570882: Bug#570882: haskell-hint: FTBFS in various ways


Am Freitag, den 26.02.2010, 17:09 +0100 schrieb Cyril Brulebois:

> > gb haskell-hint_0.3.2.1-3 . kfreebsd-amd64 kfreebsd-i386
> > dw haskell-hint_0.3.2.1-3 . kfreebsd-amd64 kfreebsd-i386 . -m "ghc6 (>> 6.12.1-10)"
> -12 is Installed on both architectures, given back.

it seems that recent ghc6 upload broke some internal ABI, and we need
binNMUs (but thankfully the Depends/Provides are in place, so no risk of

nmu haskell-ghc-mtl_1.0.1.0-2 . kfreebsd-amd64 kfreebsd-i386 . -m "Rebuild due to changed ghc ABI"

I still need to figure out a good way to detect such uninstallable
packages quickly.


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