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General Resolution: non-free firmware: results

Debian Project Secretary - Kurt Roeckx writes ("General Resolution: non-free firmware: results"):
> The results of the General Resolution about non-free firmware:
> Option 5 "Change SC for non-free firmware in installer, one installer"
> The details of the results are available at:
> https://www.debian.org/vote/2022/vote_003

6 votes is a very tight margin between "one installer" and "two

Observe also that "Recommend installer containing non-free firmware"
beat "Only one installer" by 12 votes.  I hesitate to say this, but it
seems to me that the hypothetical option "Change SC, recommend
installer containing non-free firmware" would have won if it had been
on the ballot.

Certainly given the narrow margin, we should do what we can to make it
easy for those who want to provide an unofficial fully-free installer
to do so.  I think we might even want to link to it from the official
page, inverting the way we currently do it.


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