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Re: non-main non-firmware software and Debian installation


On 9/10/22 11:37, Andrew M.A. Cater wrote:

Multiplying installers might be a complexity too far at this or any other

We already multiply installers along several axes. Most of these work by simply selecting different file sets and detecting at runtime whether a specific file is present or has to be retrieved, this would likely work here as well except for "very early" firmware.

For those, we need a mechanism to decide what is "very early" anyway, because it needs to go into the initramfs in order to be available before the installer has found itself, and we need to be selective about that because initramfs size is a huge issue already.

For all the normal firmware packages, we also need to have a netinst/regular split anyway, regardless of whether we want separate installers, and we need a mechanism to extract only what is necessary into the initramfs, or we increase the installer memory requirements yet again.

So having additional installers is the smallest technical challenge here.


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