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Re: General Resolution: Liquidate donated assets as soon as possible

I have a similar thinking. In particular, Debian has a treasurer team
that should be able to make a reasonable decision about this without us
having to drag the entire project in it. Were they consulted about this?
Did they disagree with you, and is this your attempt at overriding them?
No, there has been no communication from pollo to the treasurer team at all.

I added the info which stock SPI actually holds to the discussion on -private (SPDR S&P 500 ETFs).

Pollo copied that into his answer <[🔎] e4620873-154f-9c10-3f4d-490d6142107d@debian.org> on this list.

I think this is important has holding a donated, wide spread ETF is something quite different from - say - dogecoin.

I also said the Debian treasurers would ask our TOs to sell cryptocurrencies and other similar assets immediately. That seems to be fine with most project members that have voiced their opinion.

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