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Re: General Resolution: Liquidate donated assets as soon as possible

On 2022-06-20 11 h 16, Antonio Terceiro wrote:
> I have a similar thinking. In particular, Debian has a treasurer team
> that should be able to make a reasonable decision about this without us
> having to drag the entire project in it. Were they consulted about this?
> Did they disagree with you, and is this your attempt at overriding them?

It seems I don't see GRs the same way many others in the project do...

I don't see GRs as "adversarial" or "a last resort to put a nail in the
coffin of a divisive debate", but as a great tool we have to take
collective decisions. I think we can have "nice" GRs without obvious
conflicts, and they don't inherently have to be painful or exhausting.

As such, since a lot of people seemed to agree with me on the
debian-private thread, I thought it would only be natural to indeed
collectively decide and make this official in a GR.

Apparently, a lot of people don't agree and are OK with leaving it in an
informal state, which I guess is fine too?

To be clear, I do not distrust the treasury team, nor the DPL. I'm sure
they'll take in account what others have said and the multiple points of
view expressed in the "Volatile assets, Debian money and SPI" thread and
all will be OK :)

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