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Re: General resolution: Condemn Russian invasion of the Ukraine

On Thu, Mar 31, 2022 at 02:39:31PM +0200, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> Quoting Julian Andres Klode (2022-03-31 12:31:18)
> > Under 4.1.5 of the Constitution, the developers by way of GR are the 
> > body who has the power to issue nontechnical statements.

> > This is a proposal for Debian to issue a statement on an
> > issue of the day as given as an example, the recent invasion
> > of Ukraine.

> > ==== Text of GR ====

> > The Debian project issues the following statement:

> > The Debian project strongly condemns the invasion of Ukraine by
> > Russia. The Debian projects affirms that Ukrain is a souvereign
> > nation which includes the Donbas regions of Luhansk, as well as
> > Crimea, which has already been illegaly annexed by Russia.

> No we don't - we care about our users, and our users include those who 
> do evil.

I think this thread has largely petered out, with many people having laid
out the reasons why Debian taking a public position on this is not
necessarily a good idea.

But I don't think it should go unadddressed that it's quite a bizarre twist
to go from "our priorities are our users and Free Software" to "we care
about evil users".

"Our priorities are our users and Free Software" means that, in our decision
making and our governance we should be oriented FIRST towards users and do
what is good for the people who are using our software; and that our SECOND
priority, only when not in conflict in the first, is to promote Free

That is far different from "people who are doing evil are using Debian, and
therefore we should support them".

Now, there are quite a lot of people who do evil and use Debian, most of
which happens well outside the context of a geopolitical conflict.  It is
unrealistic to stop evil people from using Debian (or to stop Debian users
from doing evil).  But that doesn't mean people doing evil should somehow
get a free pass from us because they are Debian users.

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