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Re: Question to all candidates: Ongoing/future legal projects

On 2022/03/25 11:41, Jonathan Carter wrote:
For example, I requested $217 for a one-time SSD & RAM upgrade to help
operate lintian.d.o in November of 2021. My request was not granted. I
didn't even receive a response from Jonathan (other than a request for
more information, with which I complied) even though I followed up on
my request.

That's odd, I usually approve them fast (as in, within 24h) because it's a quick and trivial mail, but I can't find your request in my reimbursements folder at all. I'm in meetings now but will take a look later on if it reached the dpl-archives at all.

It's not in the dpl mail archives either (nothing from you in November, no request nor a follow-up). I even checked the rest of the year, mails from you on other topics in other months are there though.

I've asked the treasurers to check if they have seen your request too, but from what I can tell in my local folders and on the leader@ archives, it doesn't seem that your request ever reached me.


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