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Re: Question to all candidates: Ongoing/future legal projects

Hi Molly

On 2022/03/17 16:57, Molly dB wrote:
In November 2021, it was discussed in debian-private that a team from
Debian had been working with a lawyer for a while. (Not sharing
details: issues remain ongoing.) How would you transition into taking
on this particular responsibility and similar longer running issues
should they arise in the future.
One of the reasons that a small team was put together was so that I wouldn't become the single point of failure on that project (for lack of better word). Also, it turned out that the legal work around it was much hairier and involved than I had previously anticipated (I has hoping we could just give a lawyer a lot of money and they could deal with it, hah!).

So, going forward, the other people working on that team would likely still be available, and there's a git repository that contains a lot of evidence complete with a timeline that links to all the individual bits, and I'm willing to stay on the team at least until the incoming DPL (assuming it's not me) is comfortable enough for me to move on from there.

Having said that, we've been making some large strides and we are likely to hit a significant milestone even before the DPL elections start, so hopefully by the time the elections are done there won't be too much work left on that.

So in this case I think a transition won't be a particular problem, and I think for future long-running projects a bit of planning and documentation always helps.


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