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Re: FYI, Secret Ballots Proposal is Likely to Die for Lack of Support

Sam Hartman wrote:
> Personally, I don't know if those are important enough to vote on unless
they are attached to something else.

I understand your point, but I'd still prefer that uncorrelated issues
be discussed and voted separately.

And since the Debian Constitution is such an important document, I'd
warn against "fast-tracking" changes into it even if they seem
"minor". I remember that some years ago what everybody thought was
just an "editorial change" ended up actually having rather strong

Please let's give proper thought to every change without running the
risk that the "more important" hides the "less important", or that
some people might vote a change that they wouldn't have voted on its
own, just because it's attached to another one that they care more

If the secretary override thing is not that important, let's just not vote it?


P.S. I'm not a DD so I can't second the GR, but for what it counts, I
support secret votes.

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