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Re: Informal Discussion: Identities of Voters Casting a Particular Ballot are No Longer Public

On Sun, Feb 13, 2022 at 02:28:44PM -0700, Sam Hartman wrote:

> This starts informal discussion of a proposed general resolution to
> amend the constitution.  I am not seeking sponsors at this time.
> Comments including support or alternatives are welcome.  I think this is
> mature enough to seek review from the secretary.

I support this effort, especially after the heat I've seen in the
systemd and RMS GRs, were social dynamics went far beyond the democratic
curiosity of polling where people stand, and strong peer pressure was
considered a valid mean to an end.

I am aware of instances where the vote being public was the major factor
that influenced the decision to vote, and the order of options in the
ballot, and I find it scary.

I am aware of people who for various reasons (that might not be the
usual reasons one thinks of) don't enjoy my level of privilege on their
online activities and reputation, and I do want their voice to be heard
in Debian votes, unfiltered from peer pressure.

I like that a number of options have been brainstormed in the
discussion: secret ballots, ballots secret on request, ballots public on
request, ballots disclosed only to Debian Members, public ballots. I
like a GR with a range of options.

Thank you for driving this!


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