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Re: Informal Discussion: Identities of Voters Casting a Particular Ballot are No Longer Public

Le 14/02/2022 à 14:55, Philip Hands a écrit :
Antonio Terceiro <terceiro@debian.org> writes:

On Mon, Feb 14, 2022 at 12:01:43PM +0100, Thomas Goirand wrote:
On 2/14/22 10:36, Philip Hands wrote:
I don't actually care if our votes are readable by the general public,
so would one way of addressing the concerns of attracting abuse would be
to make the tally sheet only available to DDs behind authentication?

I very much agree with the above.
I don't see why I would want to hide my opinion from the other DDs.

Making the ballot secret makes it possible for one to not do so if they
feel that is against their best interests, but does not stop you from
stating your opiniion publicly.

Under what circumstances are we expecting people to think that letting
other DDs know how they voted is going to be against their interests?

Well, again, see the thread about RMS GR. I remember there wer some really strong attacks between DDs or outside. Debian is a mulcicultural aned international project, with different cultures of democracy. It is a strength, but also really hard when addressing political topics.

If we are assuming that some DDs might start attacking people based on
the way they voted, then I'd suggest that it's more important to eject
such toxic people from Debian than it is to try to mitigate their
toxicity using measures that have negative side-effects.

This point is right. But I am not sure Debian is robust enough, today, to expell easily, quickly and without the victims to be disappointed to make part of the project, someone. recent examples show how such decisions are difficult, controversial, and while CT + DAM + DPL work on this, I think it is a long-term thought, given the original culture of Debian and the current society state of mind.


Cheers, Phil.

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