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Re: Making the RMS resolution a Secret Ballot

Le samedi 10 avril 2021 à 09:00:51-0700, Elana Hashman a écrit :
> On Fri, 09 Apr 2021 13:12:26 -0400, Sam Hartman wrote:
> > There has been increasing harassment of people based on what they are
> > expected to vote on the rms gr.
> > People on both sides have expressed increasing discomfort with the idea
> > of voting in public with the entire world knowing how they voted.
> > 
> > I argued on another list that it would be appropriate for the DPL (with
> > the concurrence of the secretary) to  make the vote secret using
> > constitution section 5.1 (3).
> I would like to state that I disagree with retroactively making a public
> vote private. I voted with the assumption this would be a public vote
> and as such, as is common on Debian GRs, I have already published my
> vote.
> It was very clear when the vote was called that this would be a public
> vote. At that point, a number of people had already received significant
> harassment, so I don't believe this is a new concern.
> To reduce harassment, we could possibly release the tally at a later
> date, rather than immediately; say, no sooner than 3 months but no later
> than one year.
> I do not support making the vote private, and I do not want it to seem
> like that there is consensus that it should be. If the concern is "the
> entire world", I would be okay with the tally being published
> internally.
> Thanks Sam for raising this.

After a careful thinking, I agree with Elena's opinion and would rather
not make the vote private while it already has started.

Of course I won't make a mess of if it becomes private/secret.

But I think it is not the best course of action.

Pierre-Elliott Bécue
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