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Making the RMS resolution a Secret Ballot

On another list, there was discussion of the DPL encouraging the
secretary to make the vote on the rms GR secret.

I'll let the DPL speak for his own position.

A bit of background.

There has been increasing harassment of people based on what they are
expected to vote on the rms gr.
People on both sides have expressed increasing discomfort with the idea
of voting in public with the entire world knowing how they voted.

I argued on another list that it would be appropriate for the DPL (with
the concurrence of the secretary) to  make the vote secret using
constitution section 5.1 (3).
Here's my rationale:

Thanks for doing this.  I'm actually very comfortable for us to make the
decision under 5.1(3).  We cleraly cannot hold a GR in time to change
the constitution prior to the election ending.  And our constitution
already has a provision for making decisions where a timely decision is
required.  I think this qualifies; it is becoming more and more clear we
need to protect people on both sides of the vote, and other avenues like
GRs will not allow us to achieve something in time.  This is not a
situation that has become urgent through inaction on our part: as
harassment has increased it has become more clear that action is needed.
So while we might have been willing to let this last vote slide without
secret ballots, it is becoming more clear through the actions of others
that is an increasingly bad idea.  So I absolutely support the DPL (with
the secratary's concurrance) making this decision under the emergency
powers DPL clause.

I am very uncomfortable with the other rationales for making the
decision--using various loopholes in the constitution.

It's pretty clear that's not what was meant by the text of the
And unfortunately, choosing to interpret the constitution creatively
like that to meet the needs of the day is a very slipperly sloap with a
lot of negative long-term consequences.

I like that for the most part we use plain language and common sense.
I would not like to see us twisting our language to meet the needs of
the day.
Especially when we have a clause already in our constitution  for making
emergency decisions.

Let's be honest about this and make this as an emergency decision
because we are in an emergency.

If we're going to solve this long term, let's do it by GR, not by
suddenly interpreting the constitution differently than we have for

Several people agreed with me, ande one person disagreed.
I'll let any of those people speak up if they choose and let the DPL
comment if he chooses.

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