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Re: Cancel "culture" is a threat to Debian

On Thu, Apr 01, 2021 at 04:50:15PM +0200, Pierre-Elliott Bécue wrote:
> The first option is one option, the others are different and less
> strong. Having strong options in a GR doesn't turn the whole GR in a
> blackmail

I would disagree.   Especially, given that the first attempt to
"sign on behalf of the Debian" - was without a GR at all.

> And it's the flaw in your train of thought : to believe that I'm
> defending anyone specific or a crusade.
> I actually never say anything about "RMS is transphobic".

That was part of his charges in https://rms-open-letter.github.io/
The second sentence.

Fine, if you disagree with this, that wasn't clear for me.

What was: you did reject entire opinion, referenced above, based on some
random part of it.  That's a very biased approach.  (Especially,
given that the mentioned person may be an expert in field of
feelings of trans people.  But not a famous conspiracy theorist.)

That's why I have doubts, that supporters of the rms-open-letter in
the Debian do really care about feelings of people they pretend to
defend from dr horrible (also known as RMS).

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