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Re: Cancel "culture" is a threat to Debian

Well, I'm still trying to hear users voice.  For me, it seems they
may disagree with you.

We could make a press release with an opinion poll attached… rather than pushing for a press release that wrongly implies that every debian contributor thinks the same way and agrees.

Except that of course, if the poll gets the "wrong" result, then it will be because of bots and election scams (reminds you of anyone?).

Certainly posting on debian-vote will not give many opinions from people who are using debian but are not involved in its creation.

I have privately received emails from debian contributors who agreed with my email about how being pro-choice (in the context of abortion) somehow got twisted into being "ableist".

I believe the best course of action would be to make no statement and let single contributors speak their mind if they want to; no official Debian opinion. I personally would not like to be co-opted and have someone other than myself state my opinion.


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