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Re: Asking DPL to shorten Discussion Period for rms-open-letter

Hi Martin,

Quoting Martin Steigerwald (2021-03-27 11:13:52)
> On addition: In a sense, Jonas, you said what I wrote below, I think. 
> You warned about group shaming. And I may have misread your mail. Cause 
> now I am not sure that you actually called him a monster. You wrote that 
> users have accused him of being one. So in case I misunderstood that, 
> please accept my apology. My differentiation to focus on behavior and not 
> the person regarding a public statement may still be helpful to bring 
> some clarity.
> Dear Jonas, dear Debian community,
> Jonas Smedegaard - 27.03.21, 10:41:57 CET:
> > I need no further testimonies or evicence that RMS is a monster.

For the record: I am guilty of introducing the word "monster", but did 
*not* mean to imply that anyone in particular would label RMS as such - 
not me and not Luke and not Enrico.

I accused Like and Enrico for _judging_ but not for labelling.

> I never experienced Richard Stallman in real life so far.

Is it relevant to study RMS to decide texts for the ballot?

Some with one opinion has proposed the initial text for the ballot.

Other with different opinions have proposed other texts for the ballot.

We should make sure that the ballot represents the opinions of those 
opinions backed by adequate seconders, and we should try to make sure 
that the ballot has no unintended side effects - e.g. conflicts with 
other things in Debian, or violate laws of society surrounding Debian.

We should not on this mailinglist try to judge RMS, however.

What is the purpose *for* *preparing* *a* *ballot* of reflecting on the 
personality of RMS or examine presented evidence or collecting 
additional evidence?

My point here is that it is *irrelevant* if he is a monster of not - for 
*this* conversation.

It may or may not be super relevant for Debian what kind of person RMS 
is, and the _outcome_ of this vote seeks to aid in resolving that.  We 
*cannot* resolve that in the design of the ballot, however!

 - Jonas

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