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Re: "rms-open-letter" choice 3: do not, as the project itself, sign any letter regarding rms

Quoting Timo Weingärtner (2021-03-26 14:36:40)
> ---8<---8<---8<---
> The Debian Project will not issue a public statement on whether Richard
> Stallman should be removed from leadership positions or not.
> Any individual (including Debian members) wishing to (co-)sign any of the open 
> letters in question is invited to do this in person.
> ---8<---8<---8<---


People - offended or not by RMS ans FSF - who find it wrong of Debian as 
an organisation to make a public statement about the affairs of FSF, and 
also do not want any "further discussion", may find this agreeable to 
vote for.

 - Jonas

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