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Re: General Resolution: Richard Stallman's readmission to the FSF board

Quoting Dominik George (2021-03-26 15:07:36)
> > If you want the project to issue a statement, the exact statement 
> > should be in the GR, so that people that vote know what they are 
> > voting for.
> The statement I described is one that says "we will stand behind 
> anyone who was harmed during their contribution to the project", not a 
> request to harm anyone else like the original GR.
> This is something that the Debian Code of Conduct already guarantees, 
> and really something that, if they contradict that, would make anyone 
> unfit as a Debian Project member because contradicting that would 
> violate the agreements that we made.
> Therefore, I consider the Press team to have enough power to issue 
> such a statement even without anyone else asking for it, so they can 
> be requested to write something up themselves.

Whoops, I missed this detail - thanks, Marga!

I hereby retract my seconding of the text as it is currently presented: 
I cannot second a text which makes promises on behalf of others.

> If a fully fledged out statement is a requirement to get this choice 
> into the GR, I will write one.

Please do - I will reconsider my support based on what that turns out to 
be (and really I hesitate: As already mentioned this text seem 
overlapping with another smaller proposed text).

 - Jonas

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