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Re: General Resolution: Richard Stallman's readmission to the FSF board


> If you want the project to issue a statement, the exact statement should be
> in the GR, so that people that vote know what they are voting for.

The statement I described is one that says "we will stand behind
anyone who was harmed during their contribution to the project", not a
request to harm anyone else like the original GR.

This is something that the Debian Code of Conduct already guarantees,
and really something that, if they contradict that, would make anyone
unfit as a Debian Project member because contradicting that would
violate the agreements that we made.

Therefore, I consider the Press team to have enough power to issue
such a statement even without anyone else asking for it, so they can
be requested to write something up themselves.

If a fully fledged out statement is a requirement to get this choice
into the GR, I will write one.


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