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Re: diversity

On 23/03/21 2:41 pm, Bart Martens wrote:
> Hello DPL candidates,
> A question about diversity. We all know that some profiles are
> underrepresented: gender, etnic group, disability, age, sexual preference,
> education degree, rich/poor, spoken & written languages...
> 1/ One way of addressing this, is actively BENEFIT the underrepresented
> profiles. Positive discriminiation is needed, at least to get over an initial
> resistance. Put diversity in the spotlights, to speed up improvement.

I define positive discrimination as giving special attention to people
from under-represented groups while not turning down people from other
groups. So I am in support for positive discrimination. Putting
diversity in the spotlight is a necessary step.

We should have special initiatives and activities focusing on having the
under-represented groups contribute to Debian. Debian-women project is a
good example for this approach and we seem to have got quite significant
result till it became dormant.

I have mentioned some of the actions I plan to do in this regard in my
platform. I plan to have a delegated team focusing on diversity and also
to have a streamlined diversity budget allocation and utilization.

I also plan to have some outreach activities specifically in
collaboration with diversity and local teams to ensure more exposure for
under-represented groups. Also may be a diversity MiniDC similar to
MiniDC women we had sometime ago?

> 2/ Another way is active NEUTRALITY treating everyone alike. No discrimination,
> positive nor negative. Make room for diversity to evolve. Diversity
> matters, although in the shadow of free software.
I feel this was Debian's approach till now. The result of this approach
is usually very slow. I feel we should experiment a change of approach.
> 3/ ... ?

3/ Highlighting the existing diversity within the project. This will
showcase the inclusivity of the project. This approach will encourage
more diverse people to contribute.

In my opinion more diverse people should come forward in
mainstream/spotlight into leadership/other notable positions. With my
DPL candidature, I want to bring to the table my ethnicity and gender.

> Now the QUESTION ---> What is your view on this? Your preferred approach? What
> is the priority of diversity? Practical action points, how to measure progress?

For me diversity has quite high priority (if not the highest), I would
dedicate my term as DPL for diversity.

A structured analysis to measure the progress is also part of my plan
for diversity.

> Best regards,
> Bart

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