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Re: How to leverage money to accomplish high impact Debian projects

On Fri, Mar 19, 2021 at 01:42:37PM +0100, Ulrike Uhlig wrote:
> But the Flosspols study of 2005 had already made the  point that
> this might be a problem for diversity: there are 10 times more women working
> in proprietary software (~20%) than in free software (~2%)

Data for Debian: 0.9%

I've taken the author of the last changelog entry of all packages in
Stretch.  Overwhelmed by the number of people to check, I've limited that
to "key packages" only (by the old definition, which included popcon).

I've then tried to guess the gender to every person, by, in order:
* knowing the person
* is the first name gender-specific? (I'm familiar with western and slavic
* ldap
* 60 seconds of duckduckgo search

This assigned each name to one of categories:
    ! invalid (eg. team in changed-by)
    ? unknown
    x trans
    f ladies
    m gentelmen

The figure above is # of most recent changed-by (ie, number of packages,
not people); f/(m+f).

Alas, I no longer have the raw data.  Or more exactly, it's on a broken N900
that _might_ be recoverable.  Backup your phones, folks!

I believe counting Changed-by: is far more accurate than looking at
Maintainer: and/or Uploaders:, even though it overestimates NMUers.  But
hey, unlike Bullseye Stretch didn't have h01ger raid all over it. :þ

[I intentionally didn't include any analysis of possible causes; if you do,
please respond on !d-vote unless it's relevant to the election.]

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