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Question to Brian: Why multiple foundations?


I very much support your plan to establish a Debian foundation. Looking
back over even just the last few months, I saw numerous challenges that
would have greatly simplified if there were a legal entity representing
the Debian Project.

Having various Project-wide issues, but representation within these
matters, and especially liability for them, boiling down to individuals,
is IMO no longer a way to run a project of this size and significance.


> The Foundation's board would be elected by the Debian Project Members, and the DPL would automatically be a full member of the Foundation's board. 

is just fantastic. It gives my the direct power to influence the
foundation with my (digital) vote, and limits the influence to just
Debian Project Members.

My question though, is: Why three foundations (US, FR, CH)? I get that
being directly represented in these jurisdictions would have its
advantages, but overall, wouldn't the downsides over-weigh?

For example, in case of a trademark, which entity would legally own it,
and how would the other entities represent it in their respective

Legally, of course there are solutions, and probably not even that hard
to figure out. However, I have the impression that the
overhead/bureaucracy this would add would be noticeable.


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