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Re: DDs with no key in the keyring [was: Please include unique voters in GR graphs]

On Sat, Dec 28, 2019 at 06:12:18PM -0600, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> Mattia Rizzolo dijo [Sat, Dec 28, 2019 at 06:19:27PM +0100]:
> > > > i.e. the only accepted "investigation"
> > > > method, likewise take a ton of time (and the fairly limited amount of
> > > > empathy from the people doing it).
> > > 
> > > You have all my sympathy and respect for doing what you do! :)
> > 
> > If it can comfort you, I think there were like an hundred more a couple
> > of years ago or somesuch (number coming out of my mind).
> FWIW, many among them are still "leftover" from the 1024D keyring
> purge (Jan 2015). We removed around ¼ of the then-active keys, and
> many from them have not yet uploaded a new key.

I think that, after five years of being unable to do any DD specific work,
not having bothered to get a new key signed proves they have no interest in
being a DD anymore.

It's probably time to set a hard deadline.

> (and many thanks+hugs to Mattia!)

Yeah, thanks Mattia for the good work and bearing being cursed at!

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