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Re: Last minute cominbations G+D and/or G+E

On Wed, 2019-12-04 at 17:11:49 +0000, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Thanks for this.  No-one else has said anything.  Having thought about
> it, I think Guillem's framing would lead me to a conclusion closer to
> Dmitry's E rather than my option D - but either is arguable.

As I mentioned in my “Reframing” reply, I think option E can be rather
problematic, as I'm not really sure what it does imply, and it seems
option D while trying to be very detailed ends up potentially not
being exhaustive enough and feels too rigid at times.

> To make it concrete I am going to post texts of those two options.  If
> people come forward to say they support or or both of them I will
> formally propose them tomorrow morning (in the hope that the Secretary
> and/or the DPL will allow them on the ballot).  If you support either
> of these options enough, then please formally propose it yourself and
> I will second it tomorrow.

> I do not intend either of these proposals to replace E or D, nor G.

Hmm, I've not checked the actual differences between the combined and
the individual options, but I have the feeling they would kind of
devalue G, as it would seem like it's missing something. I acknowledge
some people do believe it does miss something, but placed side-by-side
in this way, makes it weird. I guess I'd then need to try to articulate
the guidance and details (or lack thereof) in some explicit way to
append to the end on an amendment.


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