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Re: Reframing

On Tue, 03 Dec 2019 12:54:40 +0000, Ian Jackson wrote:

> I have written this mail To people who seconded Guillem's proposal and
> to some people from the thread.  I would particularly like to hear
> your views.
> I am considering making a formal variant of Guillem's proposal, which,
> if Guillem doesn't agree that specific guidance is needed, would stand
> on the ballot alongside Guillem's and my proposal D.  I would like
> that proposal to reflect the views of people who seconded Guillem's
> proposal.

I found and find Guillem's text very appealing; and I also can see
that people who are involved in the issue on the technical or the
policy side would like to have concrete answers to the pending
questions and guidance for moving forward. For the latter I think
that your proposal is a good approach as it tries to spell out the
compromise in concrete actions.

So yes, for me a combination of options G and D would be (or maybe
more accurately: would have been …) helpful in finalizing my ranking
of the options given my ambivalence.


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