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Re: Call for Votes on the Initit Systems GR

Sam Hartman <hartmans@debian.org> writes:

> The minimum discussion period lapsed sometime Saturday.
> So, as one of the authors of a proposal, I ask the secretary to please
> prepare a ballot and start the vote.

I think this is an error, and urge you to reconsider; there is clearly
an active process to try and refine one of the options on the ballot
paper. The vote call could wait 'til the weekend and still achieve the
objective of giving people time to vote before the holiday period

> I appreciate that Ian wishes to have an opportunity to explore other
> things based on option G.
> In other circumstances, I might have had a hard decision about whether
> to wait longer to let that discussion progress.
> Today, though, Ian's message is contributing to the souring tone of the
> discussion.

In particular, you give the very unfortunate impression that calling the
CFV now while Ian and Guillem are still refining the proposal Guillem
wrote is being done to in effect punish Ian for his use of language.

Please, please reconsider: this is an important vote on a complex and
challenging issue that many people in Debian feel strongly about - it's
vital that we get as good a set of options on the ballot as possible. I
know there is a concern about letting people vote before Christmas, but
that aim is still coherent with letting the option drafting finish.



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