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Re: Proposal: General Resolution on Init Systems and systemd Facilities

On 11/15/19 1:12 PM, Ian Jackson wrote:
>> Choice hartmans3: Focus on systemd for Init System and Other Facilities
> If this option wins I will significantly reduce my involvement in
> Debian.  I think there are probably other contributors for whom this
> is the case.  I imagine that there are contributors for whom option 1
> (or Dmitry's option) is similarly awful.

I'll definitely orphan some packages when the Option 1 wins. Its just
not possible to maintain that init mess anymore for them.

But at the end the project decides, and if you don't like the outcome,
you can either live with it (see, nobody stops you from maintaining your
init scripts, Devuan might still exist so you can run your packages and
shipping a systemd unit in Debian is easy!) or decide to leave and work
somewhere else.

I think it is better to decide this issue and keep working on bugs
instead of keep discussing systemd vs init.

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