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Re: Should I withdraw choice hartmans1?

Sam Hartman writes ("Re: Should I withdraw choice hartmans1?"):
> I think two key differences between this choice and Dmitry's option are
> that:
> A) Init diversity issues are valid for an NMU but are never serious
> B) Dmitry's option puts specific obligations on maintainers to write
> init scripts when it is easy to do so.
> so, perhaps we can find a title based on those.

I think the most important difference between your proposal and
Dmitry's is that your proposal, as I say, (and I think unlike

  legitimise[s] uncontrolled adoption of non-daemon-startup
  systemd features

IMO this would be a serious problem in practice.  It is difficult to
square it with something to do with affirming or promoting init

> I'll also note that while you did take the opportunity to talk about why
> you'd rank the proposal below FD, you did not answer the question of
> whether you would like to see it removed from the ballot.

I said I would rank it below Dmitry's.  I haven't yet decided my
placement of FD.

I think it should be removed from the ballot unless some init
diversity supporter tells us they think it should be kept.

Maybe that person would be able to provide a summary of what they
think it is good for.


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